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Our Solutions

Clearview's products are manufactured using proprietary technology governed through our exclusive product and process patents.  Our extensive background in diverse polymer processes and related emerging technologies allow us to bring value added solutions to our customers in the transportation market.


The use of lightweight polycarbonate transparencies for automobiles has been sought after by the automotive industry for years, but until now, no cost-effective mass production method for curved polycarbonate windows and windshields has been available.  The industry need has increased even more with the recent advancement of the Federally mandated CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency) requirements for 2016 and the Obama Administration's increased pressure on the automobile industry to change their designs to increase fuel efficiency.


With more than 150 different models of automobiles in production today -- each having an average of 7 differently shaped windows on each car -- Clearview’s innovative weight-saving windows are ideally positioned to be one the most cost-effective solutions to aid the industry in meeting these challenging goals.

Clearview's polycarbonate line includes polycarbonate windshields, side windows, rear windows and sunroofs.


​​Current aircraft mostly utilize stretched acrylic transparencies which crack easily and tend to have rapid UV degradation resulting in frequent replacement (every two to 5 years).  By contrast our transparencies have demonstrated a 300% improvement in product life in the same environment based on side-by-side testing.

Consequently, in addition to improved safety, aircraft operators will benefit from longer life, increased durability, higher scratch resistance and improved water shedding when flying through rain all due to Clearview’s advanced coating technologies.

Military & Law Enforcement

For many years both the military and law enforcement have utilized thicker polycarbonate for “bullet-proof” applications such as armored vehicles and crowd-control shields.  However, they were often restricted to use of flat sheets and always struggled with scratches due to softness.

Clearview’s transparency products for DoD and Law Enforcement will offer the benefits of affordable shaped applications of thick material without the usual optical distortions thereby extending the safety of bullet and shrapnel resistant windows for many more applications such as temporary shelter windows, personnel face shields, assault ATV’s, and aircraft doors & windows.

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