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About Us

​Clearview Systems is a manufacturing company based in Fort Worth, Texas and with offices in Detroit, Michigan that designs and manufactures revolutionary polymer transparencies for automotive and aerospace applications.  Our founders have spent more than 15 years developing, testing and patenting a revolutionary process for non-contact molding and hard coating of polycarbonate sheets into innovative energy saving windshields and windows for automobiles and aircraft which also provide significant increases in both safety and durability.

Our History

​Clearview's founders began their research over two decades ago in an effort to eliminate the hazards of bird-strikes in aviation.  FAA statistics record more than 5000 bird strikes against aircraft every year.  Birdstrikes can easily penetrate the brittle acrylic aircraft windshields during their low-level flying often resulting in serious injury or even death to pilots and their passengers.

Company founders set out to address this significant safety concern, developing and patenting the technology to produce affordable high quality polycarbonate windshields.  Their patented non-contact vacuum thermoforming process affordably produces strong, light-weight windshields and side windows in nearly any required three-dimensional shape without the usual optical distortions that have plagued the use of polycarbonate for the last three decades.  Five patents have been approved by the U.S. Patent Office and registered for international protection of Clearview’s unique manufacturing technology and are applicable to any curved window design for automotive, aerospace or marine use.

The company's executive management team is highly motivated, experienced and well qualified.  Our senior leadership have broad operational and manufacturing experience, totaling more than 115 years in both the aerospace and automotive industries.

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